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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 214

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 214 - the programming...

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Low-Level Programming Languages Chapter 7 In the last chapter we examined problem solving, both how humans solve problems in general and how humans must approach problems in which the computer plays a part in the solu- tion. The first phase, in both cases, is to come up with a plan or algorithm. In Polya’s How To Solve It list, the human executes the plan and evaluates the results. In a computer solution, we write a program that expresses the plan in a programming language. In the last chapter we introduced the concept of pseudocode as
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Unformatted text preview: the programming languages into which we translate our pseudocode. Recall that just as each lock has a specific key that opens it, each type of computer has a specific set of operations that it can execute, called the computer’s machine language. We begin our discussion of programming languages with machine code. Because we never write a program in a vacuum, the language pres-entation and appropriate pseudocode is intertwined within this chapter. 187...
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