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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 234

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 234 - 7.5 Assembly...

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Assembly language A low-level programming language in which a mnemonic represents each of the machine- language instructions for a particular computer Assembler A program that translates an assembly-language program in machine code 7.5 Assembly Language 207 Where did the E come from? It is the first character in the machine- language program! The Pep/7 system is expecting input from the active screen. We must load the program and then create a new screen and write the character we wish to input. Now when we click on Execute , the program works as we expected. Here is the output screen after entering the character N in a separate window. You are asked in the exercises to insert a blank before the initial to make the output more readable. Notice in all of these programs that the instructions and the data that is being manipulated are both stored in memory, demonstrating the princi- ples of the von Neumann architecture.
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