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210 Chapter 7 Low-Level Programming Languages Figure 7.5 Assembly process Program in Assembly Language Program in Machine Code Assembler Output Input The result of running the Assemble option on the Pep7 menu is shown in the following screen. Compare this screen with the machine-language program. They are iden- tical. The output from the assembler is a machine-language version of the program. Once we have the machine-language program, we execute it just as we did with the machine-language version we loaded. We can also get an assembler listing as shown below by clicking the Assembler Listing option on the Pep7 menu. The process is illustrated in Figure 7.5. The input to the Assembler is a
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Unformatted text preview: program written in assembly language. The output from the Assembler is a program written in machine code. You can see why the creation of assembly language was an important step in the history of programming languages. It removed much of the details of machine-language program-ming by abstracting the instructions into words. It added a step to the process of executing a program (the translation of assembly to machine code), but that extra step is well worth the effort because it has made the programmer’s life so much easier....
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