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Test plan A document that specifies how a program is to be tested Code-coverage (clear- box) testing Testing a program or subprogram based on covering all the statements in the code Data-coverage (black- box) testing Testing a program or subprogram based on the possible input values, treating the code as a black box Test-plan implementa- tion Using the test cases specified in a test plan to verify that a program outputs the predicted results 216 Chapter 7 Low-Level Programming Languages Testing We briefly tested our programs by executing them to see if they produced the output we expected. However, there is far more to testing than just running the program once. Let’s look at testing in more detail in the context of the last program. The program reads in three numbers and prints their sum. Testing at the design phase is a simple matter because every step at the top level is a concrete step. How do we test a specific program to determine its correctness? We design and implement a test
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