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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 244

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 244 - We click the...

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7.6 Other Important Threads 217 To implement this test plan, the program is run six times, once for each test case. The results are then written in the Observed Output column. When running the enhanced 26788.2 program, we loaded the program and then made a file with the input as the active file before we ran the program. Another alternative is to use interactive input. Interactive input is where the program tells the user to key in the input data as the program is running. If we choose Execution Input on the Pep7 menu, we see the following screen:
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Unformatted text preview: We click the button by Interactive Input From Keyboard and the OK button. When we run the program to implement the test cases, we get a window that asks us to input the data. Reason for Test Case Assumption: Input values are no greater than 2 15 –1 or less than –2 15 . Input three positive numbers Input three negative numbers Input mixed numbers 4, 6, 1 –4, –6, –1 32767, –1, +1 4, 6, –1 4, –6, 1 –4, 6, 1 11 –11 32767 9 –1 3 Large numbers Input Values Expected Output Observed Output...
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