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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 247

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 247 - to support your...

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220 Chapter 7 Low-Level Programming Languages disk loading,” which is the unauthorized installation of software into a computer’s hard drive before it is sold. Using pirated software also puts the user at risk by exposing him or her to potential software viruses. The person who freely “borrows” software from a friend is actually stealing, and this action has significant ramifications. Key Terms Assembler pg. 207 Assembly language pg. 207 Code-coverage (clear-box) testing pg. 216 Comment pg. 209 Data-coverage (black-box) testing pg. 216 Loader pg. 202 Machine language pg. 189 Test plan pg. 216 Test-plan implementation pg. 216 Virtual computer (machine) pg. 190 Exercises 1. What does it mean when we say that a computer is a programmable device? 2. List five operations that any machine language must include. 3. The distinction between concrete and abstract steps in algorithms is not always clear-cut. Discuss this dilemma and give concrete examples
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Unformatted text preview: to support your discussion. 4. What is a virtual machine? Discuss this definition in terms of the Pep/7 computer. 5. We said that you should have guessed that a Pep/7 instruction would use 5 bits when we said that there were 32 instructions. Explain. 6. Describe the features of the Pep/7 CPU that we covered in this chapter. 7. We covered only two of the four addressing modes. If we had not stated this explicitly, could you have deduced that this was true? Explain. 8. Where is the data (operand) if the address mode specifier is a. 00 b. 01 9. Distinguish between the IR (instruction register) and the PC (program counter). 10. How many bits are required to address the Pep/7 memory? 11. How many more cells could be added to memory without having to change the instruction format? Justify your answer....
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