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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 250

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 250 - Thought Questions...

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Thought Questions 223 32. Implement the algorithm in Exercise 31 as an assembly-language program. 33. Write and implement a test plan for the program in Exercise 31. 34. Design and implement an algorithm that reads four values and prints the sum. 35. Is the test plan for a machine language program valid for the same solution written in assembly language? Explain your answer. 36. Distinguish between the pseudocode instructions *’L RK and *W "D . 37. Distinguish between assembly language pseudocode instructions and mnemonic instructions. 38. Distinguish between test plans based on code coverage and data coverage. 39. Explain the meaning of the Pep/7 menu option )x7cuti.n Input . Thought Questions 1. Would you like to do assembly-language programming? Can you think of any personality types that would be suited for such detail work? 2. The translation process has been demonstrated by showing the machine-language program that is the result of the assembly-language program. Look carefully at the solution of Exercise 32. Think about
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