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Strong typing Each variable is assigned a type, and only values of that type can be stored in the variable Data type A descrip- tion of the set of values and the basic set of operations that can be applied to values of the type 234 Chapter 8 High-Level Programming Languages Recall that Boolean operators are the special operators AND, OR, and NOT. The AND operator returns 10–2 if both expressions are true and 678.2 otherwise. The OR operator returns 678.2 if both expressions are false and 10–2 otherwise. The NOT operator changes the value of the expression. These operations are consistent with the functionality of the gates in Chapter 4. At that level we were referring to the flow of electricity and the representation of individual bits. At this level the logic is the same, but we can talk in terms of a statement either being true or false. Strong Typing When working in an assembly language, we assign identifiers to memory locations with no regard as to what is to be stored into the locations. Most
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