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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 271

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 271 - 244 Chapter 8...

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Unformatted text preview: 244 Chapter 8 High-Level Programming Languages The true branch is known as the then branch, but as you can see from the table, the branch may or may not be labeled as such. The false branch is called the else branch and is labeled as such in each of these examples. The great variety in how information is written for the human to see is demonstrated in the different way that the strings are written. In our description of the behavior of the if statement we said that either branch could have none, one, or a sequence of instructions. If the sequence is empty, then the else branch is just not there. The example earlier shows how to write the code if there is just one instruction, but how do we write a sequence of instructions? High-level languages all have a way of considering a sequence of instructions as a single group. Let’s add a second output statement to the else branch of our algorithm and see how these three languages handle it. Language Ada if Statement — F" S"=eX\=" > f: Xz"9 M\X?IX" E> 4)D AePQ"X o 9"P"ooe=‘4Bi "lo" M\X ?IX" E> 4. l zX AePQ"X o eSS=DS= eX"4Bi M\X ?IX" E> 4L\X 9DX 9"P"ooe=‘4Bi "9 —i — ?F" S"=eX\=" > f:B Fz"9 3o =D6?4)D AePQ"X o 9"P"ooe=‘4B *lo" 3o =D6?4. l zX AePQ"X o eSS=DS= eX"4B 3o =D6?4L\X 9DX 9"P"ooe=‘4B *9 — — ?X" PD\X "lo" C PD\X PD\X D S"=eX\=" > f:B << 4)D AePQ"X o 9"P"ooe=‘4i VB.NET C++ << 4. l zX AePQ"X o eSS=DS= eX"4i << 4L\X 9DX 9"P"ooe=‘4i > f:B 9X?)D AePQ"X Java — ?X" S"=eX\=" J‘oX" hD\XhS= "lo" C J‘oX" hD\XhS= J‘oX" hD\XhS= D o 9"P"ooe=‘4Bi 9X?4. l zX AePQ"X o eSS=DS= eX"4Bi 9X?4L\X 9DX 9"P"ooe=‘4Bi ...
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