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Parameter list A mechanism for communi- cating between two parts of a program 250 Chapter 8 High-Level Programming Languages body at least once. Although any loop can be implemented using the while construct, there are times where you know that the loop executes once, so a posttest loop would be appropriate. (Posttest loops are often called repeat loops.) The second additional structure is one designed for count- controlled loops where the initializing, testing, and incrementation are included in the loop construct itself. These loops are often called for loops. Subprogram Statements When doing algorithms in Chapter 6, we gave a name to a task at one level and then expanded the task at a lower level. The same idea holds in programming languages. We can give a section of code a name and use that name as a statement in another part of the program. When the name is encountered, the processing in the other part of the program halts while the named code is executed. When the named code finishes executing,
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