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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 286

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 286 - 8.3 Functionality...

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8.3 Functionality of Imperative Languages 259 * S8D‘22_F‘S2 is a record type; ;9_* S8D‘22 is a record variable. ;9_* S8D‘22 can be passed as a parameter, and the items within it can be accessed by giving their individual names. In our three examples, each name is a combination of the record name and the item name with a dot in between. Some languages allow the items within a record to be a subpro- gram. We look at how this is done when we look at the additional func- tionality of object-oriented languages in the next section. Arrays An array is a named collection of homogeneous items in which indi- vidual items are accessed by their place within the collection. The place within the collection is called an index . Some languages call the first place in the collection the 0th item and some languages allow the
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