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Ethical Issues 265 Hacking The phrase computer hacker has changed over the last forty years. In the 1960s hackers were perceived as skilled computer wizards whose curiosity would lead to technological advancements. Today, the term hacker has a more negative connotation and invokes the image of malicious kids who get a thrill from defacing Web sites or professional criminals who wreak havoc on the ’Net. These perceptions, however, fuelled by some of the media, are often far from the truth. Although the term hacker still has both positive and negative conno- tation, hacking does not. Hacking refers to the trespassing or accessing of a Web site without authorization. Unauthorized entry can led to legal consequences, particularly if a hacker is deliberately violating the website’s right to privacy. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act states that purposefully entering a site without authority and intentionally accessing classified information is unlawful. Whether the hackers damage the content or leave the site untouched, their ability to infil-
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