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270 Chapter 8 High-Level Programming Languages 40. How does a case statement differ from an if statement? 41. What is the flow of control in a while statement? 42. Why is a while statement called a pretest loop? 43. What are the three steps in a count-controlled loop? 44. What are the three steps in an event-controlled loop? 45. Distinguish between a count-controlled loop and an event-controlled loop. 46. Fill in the following table showing the appropriate syntactic marker(s) or reserved word for the language shown based on your observation of the table on page 248. 47. What is recursion? 48. How does recursion act as a repetition structure?
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Unformatted text preview: 49. A looping structure uses a ______________ statement; a recursive structure uses a ____________ statement. 50. Explain the statement, “Subprograms are a powerful tool for ab-straction.” 51. Describe two kinds of subprograms. 52. Distinguish between the way in which the name of a subprogram appears in the calling unit in the two kinds of subprograms described in Exercise 51. Language Ada VB.NET C++ Java Boolean expression in a while statement Body of the statement Statement that increments count...
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