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64. What is meant by a heterogeneous structure? 65. What three elements must be present in the definition of a record? 66. How do Ada, VB.NET, and C++ express the three elements outlined in Exercise 65? 67. Although Ada, VB.NET, and C++ are quite different in many ways, they all access the fields of a record in the same way. Describe this syntax. 68. Ada uses a range of index values to define and array, but VB.NET and C++ specify the number of places in the array. Explain. 69. Examine the following three array declarations: 1‘S2 I9 2s . 079 2 P"hh"#i 1‘S2 W717_;007‘ . 7007‘ gI9 2sB D6 I912 20i W717 , W717_;007‘i dd ; 7 W 717g""B ;. I912 20 t Vkh/*F 91 717[""]i OO pFF Are the arrays declared the same? Justify your answer. 70. Access the last element in the arrays declared in Exercise 69 a. in Ada. b. in VB.NET. c. in C++. 71. Distinguish between the definition of an object in the design phase and
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Unformatted text preview: in the implementation phase. 72. Distinguish between the definition of a class in the design phase and in the implementation phase. 73. We say that a record is passive, but a class is active. Explain. 74. List and define the three ingredients necessary in an object-oriented language. Thought Questions 1. The languages used as examples in this chapter originated in quite different ways. Ada was designed by a team of designers for the Department of Defense. VB.NET is Microsoft’s latest version of Visual Basic. C++ was developed at Bell Labs as a systems-programming language, and Java was designed at Sun Microsystems. Speculate how the language’s background has influenced the language. ? 272 Chapter 8 High-Level Programming Languages...
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