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2. Go to a computer store and price compilers for these languages. Does the language’s origins influence the cost of a compiler? Was there more than one compiler for all of the languages? Again, what does this tell you about the language? 3. Microsoft has developed a language called C# designed to compete directly with Java. Things happen so rapidly in the world of computing. Is C# in the marketplace as you read this book? There were rumblings about another antitrust suite against Microsoft over C#. Did this happen? 4. The word “hacker” used to be complimentary, describing a
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Unformatted text preview: programmer who buried his or her head in the code, only coming up for air in the morning. A hacker would write very sophisticated programs almost overnight. Now the term has come to refer to someone with malicious intent. What connotations does the word have for you? 5. Is it logical to speak of privacy in relation to Web sites when most of them are created to advertise a product or service? 6. Altering someone’s Web site is illegal. Should it be illegal to enter a secure site just to show you can do it? Thought Questions 273...
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