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Abstract data type (ADT) A data type whose properties (data and operations) are specified independently of any particular imple- mentation 276 Chapter 9 Abstract Data Types and Algorithms Goals After studying this chapter, you should be able to ± define an abstract data type and discuss its role in algorithm development. ± distinguish between a data type and a data structure. ± distinguish between an array-based implementation and a linked imple- mentation. ± distinguish between an array and a list. ± distinguish between an unsorted list and a sorted list. ± distinguish between a selection sort and a bubble sort. ± describe the Quicksort algorithm. ± apply the selection sort, the bubble sort, and the Quicksort to a list of items by hand. ± apply the binary search algorithm. ± distinguish between the behavior of a stack and a queue. ± draw the binary search tree that is built from inserting a series of items. ± demonstrate your understanding of the algorithms in this chapter by hand simulating them with a sequence of items. 9.1
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