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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 304

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 304 - 9.2...

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Data structure The implementation of a composite data field in an abstract data type Containers Objects whose role is to hold and manipulate other objects Array-based implemen- tation An implementa- tion of a container in which the items are stored in an array 9.2 Implementation 277 problem solving, this level represents the classes abstracted from the objects in the application level. This view sees data objects as groups of objects with similar properties and behaviors. This level can be represented as CRC cards (discussed in Chapter 6) along with the responsibility algo- rithms that define the behavior of the ADT. The implementation level is a specific representation of the structure to hold the data items and the coding of the operations in a programming language. This view sees the properties represented as specific data fields and behaviors represented as methods implemented in code. This level is concerned with data structures , the implementation of a composite data fields in an abstract data type. The abstract data types that we examine in this chapter are those that
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