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282 Chapter 9 Abstract Data Types and Algorithms Linked lists are also called unbounded lists because the nodes are created at run time. The only limit on the number of nodes is the size of memory. In a linked list, it is not necessary to keep track of the number of items in the list explicitly, because you can always count the number of nodes. In contrast, the length must be explicitly kept in an array-based implementation. 9.3 Lists Lists occur as naturally in programming as they do in real life. We manipu- late guest lists, grocery lists, class lists, and things-to-do lists. The list of lists is endless. Three properties characterize lists: The items are homoge- neous, the items are linear, and lists have varying length. By linear we mean that each item except the first has a unique component that comes before it and each item except the last has a unique component that comes after it. For example, if there are at least three items in a list, the second item comes after the first and before the third. Basic List Operations
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