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Tony Hoare’s interest in computing was awakened in the early ’50s, when he studied philosophy (together with Latin and Greek) at Oxford University, under the tute- lage of John Lucas. He was fascinated by the power of mathematical logic as an explanation of the apparent certainty of mathematical truth. During his National Service (1956–1958), he studied Russian in the Royal Navy. Then he took a qualifica- tion in statistics, and incidentally a course in programming given by Leslie Fox. In 1959, as a graduate student at Moscow State University, he studied the machine translation of languages (together with probability theory) in the school of Kolmogorov. To assist in efficient look-up of words in a dictionary, he discovered the well-known sorting algorithm Quicksort. On return to England in 1960, he worked as a programmer for Elliott Brothers, a small scientific computer manufacturer. He led a team (including his later wife, Jill) in the design and delivery of the first commercial compiler for the programming language Algol 60. He attributes the success of the project to
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