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Summary 311 Figure 9.21 Examples of graphs June Sarah Susy Bobby Judy Lila Kate Becca John Vertices: People Edges: Siblings (a) 200 780 1300 1400 900 1000 160 800 600 Dallas Washington Atlanta Houston Chicago Austin Denver Vertices: Cities Edges: Direct Flights (b) Computer Science I Computer Organization Operating Systems Compiler Design Theory of Computation Data Types Programming Languages Discrete Mathematics Calculus II Calculus I Computer Science II Vertices: Courses Edges: Prerequisites (c) Summary Abstract data types (ADTs) are data types whose properties (data and
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Unformatted text preview: operations) are specified independently of any particular implementation. Containers are objects in which other objects are stored. We describe container objects by ADTs. There are two general implementations used for ATDs: array-based and linked. Array-based containers are those in which the objects are stored in an array; linked implementations are those in which each object contains directions to the next object....
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