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Multiprogramming The technique of keeping multiple programs in main memory at the same time, competing for the CPU Memory management The act of keeping track of how and where programs are loaded in main memory Process The dynamic representation of a program during execution Process management The act of keeping track of information for active processes CPU scheduling The act of determining which process in memory is given access to the CPU so that it may execute 322 Chapter 10 Operating Systems manufactured by Apple Computer. Unix has been a favorite of serious programmers for years, and recently a version of Unix called Linux has become popular for personal computer systems. Any given operating system manages resources in its own particular way. Our goal in this chapter is not to nitpick the differences among oper- ating systems, but rather to discuss the ideas common to all of them. We occasionally refer to the methods that a specific OS ( o perating s ystem) uses, and we discuss some of their individual philosophies. But in general
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