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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 353

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 353 - 326 Chapter 10...

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Real-time system A system in which response time is crucial given the nature of the application domain Response time The time delay between receiving a stimulus and producing a response Logical address A reference to a stored value relative to the program making the reference Physical address An actual address in the main memory device 326 Chapter 10 Operating Systems communication has on operating systems. Such communication is yet another resource that an OS must support. One final aspect of operating systems is the need to support real-time systems . A real-time system is one that must provide a guaranteed minimum response time to the user. That is, the delay between receiving a stimulus and producing a response must be carefully controlled. Real-time responses are crucial in software that, for example, controls a robot, or a nuclear reactor, or a missile. Though all operating systems acknowledge the importance of response time, a real-time operating system strives to optimize it.
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