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Paged memory tech- nique A memory management technique in which processes are divided into fixed-size pages and stored in memory frames when loaded Frame A fixed-size portion of main memory that holds a process page Page A fixed-size portion of a process that is stored into a memory frame Page map table (PMT) The table used by the operating system to keep track of page/frame relationships 10.2 Memory Management 331 When a program terminates, the partition table is updated to reflect that that partition is now empty and available for a new program. In dynamic partitions, consecutive empty partitions are merged into one big empty partition. Partition memory management makes efficient use of main memory by having several programs in memory at one time. But keep in mind that a program must fit entirely into one partition. Fixed partitions are easier to manage than dynamic ones, but restrict the opportunities available to incoming programs. The system may have enough free memory to accom- modate the program, but not in one free partition. In dynamic partitions,
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