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Process control block (PCB) The data struc- ture used by the oper- ating system to manage information about a process 334 Chapter 10 Operating Systems arrows indicate how and why a process might move from one state to another. Let’s examine what is happing to a process in each state. In the new state a process is being created. It may, for instance, be a login process created by a user logging onto a timeshare system, an application process created when a user submits a program for execu- tion, or a system process created by the operating system to accomplish a specific system task. A process that has no barriers to its execution is in the ready state . That is, a process in the ready state is not waiting for an event to occur, or for data to be brought in from secondary memory. It’s waiting only for its chance to use the CPU. A process in the running state is currently being executed by the CPU. Its instructions are being processed in the fetch-execute cycle. A process in the
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