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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 362

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 362 - 10.4 CPU...

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Context switch The exchange of register information that occurs when one process is removed from the CPU and another takes its place Nonpreemptive sched- uling CPU scheduling that occurs when the currently executing process gives up the CPU voluntarily Preemptive scheduling CPU scheduling that occurs when the oper- ating system decides to favor another process, preempting the currently executing process 10.4 CPU Scheduling 335 one for each process in that state. When a process moves from one state to another, its corresponding PCB is moved from one state list to another in the operating system. A new PCB is created when a process is first created (the new state) and is kept around until the process terminates. The PCB stores a variety of information about the process, including the current value of the program counter, which indicates which instruction in the process is to be executed next. As the life cycle indicates, a process may be interrupted many times during its execution. At each point, its program
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