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Key Terms 341 recent innovation, are now present in the vehicles of many truck compa- nies and rental car businesses. These devices function as high-tech Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and company representatives can contact drivers over a speaker phone when they steer off a predetermined course. The tracking technology can also monitor a vehicle’s speed. Some rental companies use this information to charge their customers for speeding violations without properly informing them. It is not surprising that some people criticize the pervasive nature of this type of technology and are concerned that the government and other organizations are able to gain access to too much personal information. Spamming, the practice of sending copies of an e-mail message or advertisement to many different newsgroups or people, without regard for whether the subject matter is appropriate, is an invasion of a person’s time. Recipients of these e-mails do not solicit the information and do not want their addresses available for such purposes.
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