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342 Chapter 10 Operating Systems Preemptive scheduling pg. 337 Process pg. 324 Process control block (PCB) pg. 336 Process management pg. 324 Process states pg. 335 Real-time system pg. 328 Response time pg. 328 Single contiguous memory management pg. 330 System software pg. 322 Thrashing pg. 335 Time slice pg. 339 Timesharing pg. 326 Turnaround time pg. 338 Virtual machine pg. 326 Virtual memory pg. 335 Exercises 1. Distinguish between application software and system software. 2. What is an operating system? 3. a. Name the early PC operating system. b. Name the operating systems made famous by Microsoft. c. Name the operating system used on Apple machines. d. Name an operating system popular with serious programmers. e. Name a recent version of the one in (d) now available for PCs. 4. Explain the term multiprogramming . 5. The following terms relate to how the operating system manages
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Unformatted text preview: multiprogramming. Describe the part each plays in this process. a. Process b. Process management c. Memory management d. CPU scheduling 6. What constitutes a batch job? 7. Describe the evolution of the concept of batch processing from the human operator in the 1960s and ’70s to the operating systems of today. 8. Define timesharing . 9. What is the relationship between multiprogramming and timesharing? 10. Why do we say that users in a timesharing system have their own virtual machine? 11. In Chapter 7, we defined a virtual machine as a hypothetical machine designed to illustrate important features of a real machine. In this chapter, we define a virtual machine as the illusion created by a time-...
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