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Thought Questions 1. In Chapter 5, we said that the control unit was like the stage manager who organized and managed the other parts of the von Neumann machine. The operating system is also like a stage manager, but on a much grander scale. Does this analogy hold or does it break down? 2. The user interface that the OS presents to the user is like a hallway with doors leading off to rooms housing applications programs. To go from one room to another, you have to go back to the hallway. Continue with this analogy. What would files be? What would be analogous to a time slice? 3. Many large grocery stores issue cards to their regular customers. If you have the card when you check out, the cashier scans the card and you get special sale prices. The store also gets information about your
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Unformatted text preview: shopping habits. Is this an invasion of your privacy? Do you have such a card? Have you ever thought about how much information the store can accumulate about you? 4. Spamming is the Internet equivalent of unsolicited telephone sale ’ s pitches. There are laws now that allow a telephone user to request that his or her name be removed from the solicitor ’ s calling list. Should there be similar laws relating to spamming? 5. Tracking technology can determine that a car has been speeding. Is the use of this technology a good deterrent for speeding and a plus for highway safety, or is it an invasion of basic privacy? ? Thought Questions 347...
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