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File type The specific kind of information contained in a file, such as a Java program or a Microsoft Word docu- ment File extension Part of a file name that indicates the file type 352 Chapter 11 File Systems and Directories Figure 11.1 Some common file types and their extensions doc, wp3 java, c, cpp gif, tiff, jpg mp3, au, wav txt text data file audio file image file word processing document program source files Extensions File type to disk. The document is actually stored as a binary file because, in addi- tion to the characters that are stored in the document, it also contains information about formatting, styles, borders, fonts, colors and “extras” such as graphics or clip art. Some of the data (the characters themselves) are stored as text, but the additional information requires that each word processing program has its own format for the data in its document files. File Types Most files, whether they are in text or binary format, contain a specific type of information. For example, a file may contain a Java program, or a
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