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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 380

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 380 - 11.1 File Systems...

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11.1 File Systems 353 For example, you might like a particular editor that you use when developing a Java program. You can register the .java file extension with the operating system and associate it with that editor. Then whenever you open a file with a .java extension, the operating system runs the appro- priate editor. The details of how you associate an extension with an appli- cation program depend on the operating system you are using. Some file extensions are associated with particular programs by default, which you may change if appropriate. In some cases, a file type could be associated with various types of applications, so you have some choice. For example, your system may currently associate the .gif extension with a particular Web browser, so that when you open a GIF image file, it is displayed in that browser window. You may choose to change the associa- tion so that when you open a GIF file it is brought into your favorite image editor instead.
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