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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 384

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 384 - 11.2 Directories...

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Directory tree A struc- ture showing the nested directory organization of the file system Root directory The topmost directory, in which all others are contained 11.2 Directories 357 Other operating systems break down their protection schemes in different ways, but the goal is the same: to control access to protect against deliberate attempts to gain inappropriate access, as well as minimize inad- vertent problems caused by well-intentioned but hazardous users. 11.2 Directories We established early in this chapter that a directory is a named collection of files. It is a way to group files so that you can organize them in a logical manner. For example, you may group all of your papers and notes for a particular class into a directory created for that class. The operating system must carefully keep track of directories and the files they contain. A directory, in most operating systems, is represented as a file. The directory file contains data about the other files in the directory. For any
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