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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 385

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 385 - 10 followed by...

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358 Chapter 11 File Systems and Directories Figure 11.4 A Windows directory tree C:\ WINDOWS My Documents Program Files calc.exe Drivers System E55IC.ICM ATNS2XX.DL 3dMaze.scr adobep4.hlp QTEffects.qtx QTImage.qtx directions.txt martin.doc landscape.jpg util.zip downloads brooks.mp3 util.zip letters cancelMag.doc john.doc applications vaTech.doc mit.doc calState.doc csc101 proj1.java proj2.java proj3.java MS Office PowerPnt.exe WinWord.exe WinZip WinZip32.exe whatsnew.txt QuickTime computer using some flavor of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The root of the directory system is referred to using the drive letter
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Unformatted text preview: 10 followed by the backslash ( – ). In this directory tree, the root directory contains three subdirectories: 2678.2) , C> 8!ORFz 9 , and hx! x,F D#z . Within the 2678.2) direc-tory, there is a file called O,#Oizdz as well as two other subdirectories ( 8xDSzx and )> 9zF ). Those directories contain other files and subdirec-tories. Keep in mind that all of these directories in a real system would typically contain many more subdirectories and files....
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