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Working directory The currently active subdirec- tory 11.2 Directories 359 Personal computers often use an analogy of folders to represent the directory structure, which promotes the idea of containment (folders inside other folders, with some folders ultimately containing documents or other data). The icon used to show a directory in the graphical interface of an operating system is often a graphic of a manila file folder such as the kind you would use in a physical file drawer. Note that there are two files with the name util.zip in Figure 11.4 (in the C> 8!ORFz 9 directory, and in its subdirectory called T! #!,T ). The nested directory structure allows for multiple files to have the same name. All the files in any one directory must have unique names, but files in different directories or subdirectories can have the same name. These files may or may not contain the same data; all we know is that they have the same name. At any point in time, you can be thought of as working in a particular
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