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Ethical Issues 367 the graphical interface. The file extension can be associated with any particular kind of application that the user chooses. The operations performed on files include creating, deleting, opening, and closing files. Of course, they must be able to be read from and written to. The operating system provides mechanisms to accomplish the various file operations. In a multi-user system, the operating system must also provide file protection to ensure the proper access. Directories are used to organize files on disk. They can be nested to form hierarchical tree structures. Path names that specify the location of a particular file or directory can be absolute, originating at the root of the directory tree, or relative, originating at the current working directory. Disk-scheduling algorithms determine the order in which pending disk requests are processed. First-come, first-served disk scheduling takes all requests in order, but is not very efficient. Shortest-seek-time-first disk
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