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Exercises 369 Owner Group World Read Write/Delete Execute Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No 6. Why is the term binary file a misnomer? 7. Distinguish between a file type and a file extension. 8. What would happen if you give the name “myFile.jpg” to a text file? 9. How can an operating system make use of the file types that it recognizes? 10. How does an operating system keep track of secondary memory? 11. What does it mean to open and close a file? 12. What does it mean to truncate a file? 13. Compare and contrast sequential and direct file access. 14. File access is independent of any physical medium. a. How could you implement sequential access on a disk? b. How could you implement direct access on a magnetic tape? 15. What is a file protection mechanism? 16. How does Unix implement file protection? 17. Given the following file permission, answer these questions.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Who can read the file? b. Who can write or delete the file? c. Who can execute the file? d. What do you know about the content of the file? 18. What is the minimum amount of information a directory must contain about each file? 19. How do most operating systems represent a directory? 20. Answer the following questions about directories. a. A directory that contains another directory is called what? b. A directory contained within another directory is called what? c. The directory that is not contained in any other directory is called what? d. The structure showing the nested directory organization is called what? e. Relate the structure in (d) to the binary tree data structure exam-ined in Chapter 9....
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