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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 401

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 401 - 374 Chapter 12...

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Information system Software that helps the user organize and analyze data 374 Chapter 12 Information Systems Goals After studying this chapter, you should be able to: define the role of general information systems. explain how spreadsheets are organized. create spreadsheets for basic analysis of data. define appropriate spreadsheet formulas using built-in functions. design spreadsheets to be flexible and extensible. describe the elements of a database management system. describe the organization of a relational database. establish relationships among elements in a database. write basic SQL statements. describe an entity-relationship diagram. 12.1 Managing Information At various points in this text we’ve defined information as raw facts, and data as information that has been organized in a convenient way for a computer to use. An information system can be generally defined as soft- ware that helps us organize and analyze data.
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