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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 402

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 402 - 12.2 Spreadsheets...

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Spreadsheet A program that allows the user to organize and analyze data using a grid of cells Cell An element of a spreadsheet that can contain data or a formula 12.2 Spreadsheets 375 Whole books have been written about spreadsheets and how they are set up and used. The same can be said for database management systems. Our goal for this chapter is not to exhaustively explore either of these, but rather introduce the usefulness and versatility of both. After this discussion you should be able to create basic versions of either type of system, and you will have a foundation on which to explore them in more detail. 12.2 Spreadsheets There are a variety of spreadsheet programs available today. You may already have some experience with spreadsheets, though we don’t assume any background knowledge in this discussion. Each spreadsheet program has its own particular nuances regarding its abilities and syntax, but there is a common set of concepts that all spreadsheets embrace. Our discussion in this chapter focuses on these common concepts. The specific examples
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