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12.2 Spreadsheets 377 In addition to the totals and averages per tutor and per week, the spreadsheet also calculates some other overall statistics. Cell F9 shows the total number of students helped by all tutors in all weeks. The average per week (for all tutors) is shown in cell F10 and the average per tutor (for all weeks) is shown in cell G9. Finally, the average number of students helped by any tutor in any week is shown in cell G10. The data stored in columns A and B and in rows 2 and 3 are simply used as labels to indicate what the values in the rest of the spreadsheet represent. These labels are for human readability only and do not contribute to the calculations. Note that the labels and some of the values in the spreadsheet in Figure 12.2 are shown in different colors. Most spreadsheet programs allow the user to control the look and format of the data in specific cells in various ways. The user can specify the font, style, and color of the data as well as the alignment of the data within the cell (such as centered or left justified). In the case of real numeric values, such as the averages computed in this
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