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Many of the people whose biographies appear in this book have been winners of the ACM Turing Award, the highest award given in computer science. The ACM also gives an award for outstanding work done by someone under 35, the Grace Murray Hopper Award. The charge for this award reads: Awarded to the outstanding young computer professional of the year . .. selected on the basis of a single recent major technical or service contribution. ... The candidate must have been 35 years of age or less at the time the qualifying contribution was made. Daniel Bricklin won the Hopper Award in 1981, with the following citation: For his contributions to personal computing and, in particular, to the design of VisiCalc. Bricklin’s efforts in the development of the “Visual Calcu- lator” provide the excellence and elegance that ACM seeks to sustain through such activities as the Awards program. Daniel Bricklin, born in 1951, is a member of the computer generation. He began his college career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1969 as
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