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12.2 Spreadsheets 381 Figure 12.4 Some common spreadsheet functions Computes Function Sum of the specified set of values SUM(val1, val2, . ..) SUM(range) Count of the number of cells that contain values COUNT(val1, val2, . ..) COUNT(range) Largest value from the specified set of values MAX(val1, val2, . ..) MAX(range) The standard deviation from the specified sample values STDEV(val1, val2, . ..) STDEV(range) The sine of the specified angle SIN(angle) The value of PI PI() Today's date TODAY() If the test is true, it returns the true_val; otherwise, it returns the false_val IF(test, true_val, false_val) Returns true if the specified value refers to an empty cell ISBLANK (value) The leftmost characters from the specified text LEFT(text, num_chars) Others allow the user to set up logical relationships among cells. Examples of some common spreadsheet functions are given in Figure 12.4. A typical spreadsheet program provides dozens of functions like these that the user
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Unformatted text preview: may incorporate into formulas. Another dynamic aspect of spreadsheets is the ability to copy values or formulas across a row or down a column. When formulas are copied, the relationships among cells are maintained. Therefore, it becomes easy to set up a whole set of similar calculations. For instance, to enter the total calcu-lations in our tutor example down the column from cell F4 to F8, we simply had to enter the formula in cell F4, and then copy that formula down the column. As the formula is copied, the references to the cells are automatically updated to reflect the row that the new formula is in. For our small example that tracks five weeks, the copy ability didnt save that much effort. But imagine if we were tracking this data for a whole year and had 52 summation formulas to create. The copy aspect of spreadsheets makes setting up that entire column a single operation....
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