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What-if analysis Modi- fying spreadsheet values that represent assump- tions to see how changes in those assumptions affect related data Database A structured set of data Database management system A combination of software and data made up of the physical database, the database engine, and the data- base schema 12.3 Database Management Systems 383 The list of potential applications is virtually endless. Business, in general, has a huge number of specific situations in which spreadsheet calculations are essential. It makes you wonder how we got along without them. Another reason spreadsheets are so useful is their dynamic nature. We’ve seen how, if we set up the spreadsheet formulas correctly, changes, additions, and deletions to the data are automatically taken into account by the appropriate calculations. The dynamic nature of spreadsheets also provides the powerful ability to do what-if analysis . We can set up spreadsheets that take into account certain assumptions, and then challenge those assumptions by changing the
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