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exam 3 terms - EXAM 3 terms Personality : individuals...

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EXAM 3 terms Personality : individuals unique constellation of CONSISTENT behavioral traits ?statistical methods -factor analysis : correlations among many variables are analyzed to identify closely related clusters of variables -Big Five model :Neuroticism (negative), Extraversion ( sociable affectionate), Openness (imiaginitive, variety, independent), Agreeableness ( softhearted, trusting, helpful), Conscientiousness (organized, careful, self-disciplined) -Psychoanalytic approach (Freud): include diverse theories focuses on the unconscious mental forces, motives, conflicts and methods ppl use to cope with their sexual and aggressive urges. -id: pleasure, primary- process thinking demands immediate gratification. ego: reality, secondary thinking, delay gratification of id urges. Superego: moral imperatives , what represents right and wrong. -levels of consciousness: conscious: consists of whatever one is aware of at a particular point in time. defense mechanisms : UNCONSCIOUS reactions that protect a person from an unpleasant emotions such as anxiety/ guilt. 1. Repression: keeping stressful thoughts/ feelings buried in UNCONSCIOUS 2. Projection: attributing one’s own thoughts/feelings/motives to another ex: woman thinks that her boss doesn’t like her but actually she dislikes him
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exam 3 terms - EXAM 3 terms Personality : individuals...

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