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PSC 1 Introductory Psychology Spring 2008 Final Exam Major Terms & Concepts Understand the meaning of these terms and you will perform well on the final exam. Introduction to Psychology psychology’s relationship to philosophy other epistemologies empiricism : observation, experimentation combined with logical reasoning= scientific objective reality structuralism: believed that psychology should use introspection ( self observation of ones own experience ) to analyze consciousness into its basic elements and see how elements are related – testing senses functionalism : inspired by William James believed that psychology should focus on the purpose and adaptive functions of consciousness – testing mental Wundt’s/ Hall : founded psychology lab and focused on structure of conscious experience , influenced by reductionism used introspection = beginnings of structuralism William James: influenced by Darwin consciousness= functionalism believed that psychology is embedded in our culture and intellectual influences: mental testing, patterns , diff btw sexes Freud: (psychoanalytic) investigated the unconscious determinants of behavior and sexuality Watson: “behaviroism” argued that psychology should only study observable behavior (science of behavior) emphasized the importance of environment over heredity ( stimulus response) Skinner : behaviorism should also only study observable behavior “free will is an illusion” perspectives in psychology -Biological : behavior is determined by physiological factors and processes. Research looks at brain activity during various behaviors, thoughts, or feeling. Also concerned with genetics+ cognitive -Evolutionary : roots in functionalism, behavior arises as a function of our adaptive responses to the environment: natural selection , looks at similarities btw humans and other animals -Psychodynamic: behavior is influenced by the unconscious- sexuality plays a role in behavior -Behavioral: nurture NOT nature has an influence , emphasize environment , animal research -Cognitive : thought, info processing: memory, decision making, emotions, explains a lot about how we gain and use knowledge -Humanistic: aka: phenomenological – behavior is determined by each indiviuals capacity to think and act: uniqueness of individual, biggest drive toward highest potential. Maslow + rogers subdisciplines of psychology : Biological*
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• Developmental* • Cognitive/Perception* Research Methods goal of psychological research: We want an accurate understanding of psychological phenomena. –Accurate understanding means we can: •describe •explain •predict •control behavior with confidence scientific method : is a set of rules consisting of certain assumptions, attitudes, goals, and procedures for creating and answering questions about nature. Scientific Method Assumptions-
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final terms - PSC 1 Introductory Psychology Spring 2008...

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