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Abdominal Injuries - 5 Liver Contusion mech direct blow...

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Abdominal Injuries Liver Spleen Kidney Kidney Stomach Bladder Hollow: Stomach, Intestines, Bladder Solid: Liver, Kidneys, Spleen 1) Contusions- Often in baseball and lacrosse Mech: direct blow: how hard and how relaxed muscle was use x-tra padding 2) Sprains: mech: violent twist, hand over head reaching out: rectus abdominus, obliques Out for a while, use modalities, and stretching 3) Hernia: Abdominal wall saran wrap under muscles creates a hole and VICSERA comes out. Males get lumps near groin= INGUINAL, Females get lumps on their inner thigh= FEMORAL Lump comes back and goes away; each time Viscera comes out through the hole it gets bigger and more and more Viscera comes out= STRANGULATED Hernia This can lead to loss of blood Gangrene Death 4) Ruptured Spleen: mech: direct blow/ speared, it does not explode but INFLAMES Referred pain on LEFT scapula shoulders= KEHR’S
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Liver Contusion: mech: direct blow, nausea, and referred pain on RIGHT shoulder Right away go to doctor 6) Kidney Contusion: direct blow; HEMATURIA= blood in urine, use a Hemastick to detect blood in urine, go to doctors right away 7) Blow to Solar Plexus- SNOT! Athlete complains of not being able to breath: Be calm, tell them to relax Feels dizzy, lay them down, get them off field, and check KEHRS AVOID hyperventilation, tingling and numb; carry a bag to get nitrogen back in system 8) SC- scrotum contusion Depends upon intensity of direct blow, to stop spasm place athlete on back and flex their thighs towards their chest to relax muscle spasm, apply ice pack, and make sure there are two, if any inflammation send to ER 9) Testicular Torsion- TT Grabbing and twisting, this cuts off the blood supply which can lead to Gangrene...
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