Elbow Injuries - 5) Stains and Sprains: hyperextension of...

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Elbow Injuries 1) Contusion: direct blow, swelling discoloration, use ice, modalities and padding 2) Osteochondritis Dissecans: loose bone floats around elbow= lock in elbow X-Ray 3) Dislocated Elbow: mech: falling on out stretched arm, olechranon pop out of joint Avoid shock, elevate legs PROROCOL: do not place back in Immobilize athlete: sling, ace wraps and send to hospital; call 911 for emergency 4) Olechranon Bursitis- overuse; aching Throbbing pain Elbow becomes HUGE size of golf ball RX: Aspirate, and wear Tubi grip
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Stains and Sprains: hyperextension of elbow, active and passive ranges of motion RX: tape job for hyperextension of elbow 6) Ulnar Nerve Injury: overuse; stress on ulnar nerve = baseball arms. From poor biomechanics correct players technique. Radiating pain, modify activities 7) Medial Epicondytis= Golfers Elbow Lateral Epicondytis= Tennis Elbow Pain in the morning- sleeping position wear wrist brace Rx: stretching/ strengthening, ART, elbow strap, change biomechanics...
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