INJURIES 101 - INJURIES 101 MODALITIES ice ice bath...

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INJURIES 101 MODALITIES: ice, ice bath, electric stimulation, after 72 hours begin to heat, massage, ultra sound, phonophoresis, iontophoresis, -SPRAIN OCCURS ON LIGAMENTS PAIN DURING PASSIVE RANGES OF MOTION -STRAIN ON MUSCLES PAIN DURING ACTIVE, NO PAIN DURING PASSIVE RANGES OF MOTION 1st degree: mild, can play range of motion fine 2 nd degree: moderate, can possible play, swelling point tenderness, limited range of motion 3 rd degree: severe, DUN RX: modalities NO STRETCHING, place ice so there’s no blood flow R.I.C.E for 24-72 hours FOOT and ANKLE Injuries 1) Pronation: Pes Planus, aka: flat feet Plantar fascia, athlete needs supportive shoes 2) Supination: Pes Cavus aka: high arch feet Athlete gets stress fractures, needs cushion shoes like Nike 3) Normal Calus Build up, on heel, base of 5 th and base of 1st 4) Achilles Tendonitis: inflammation to the Achilles tendon OVERUSE Mech: running, jumping/ Signs: swelling, passive pain, pain in dorsiflexion ART will hurt during plantar flexion RX: modalities, stretching: knee straight and knee bent 30-45 sec., one foot stands, Once athlete returns use plantar flexion tape job or heel lifts to prevent Snowball Creptitus: Achilles crunches NOTE: CRUNCHING = TENDONITIS 5) Achilles Tendon Rupture Mech: forced dorsiflexion, loud pop usually complete rupture Signs: tendon rolls up into gastroc, gap during palpation, swelling, discoloration All dorsiflexion hurts! Special tests: Thompson RX: conservative: caste in plantar for 3 months, tendon will scar over Surgical: brings back together tendon, in caste for shorter time, quicker, stronger 6) Bruised heel Mech: direct blow on heel/ jumping Sign/symptom: swelling tender RX: ice 72 hours, heel cups/ heel bruise tape job 7) Bunion- inflammation of bursa of 1 st phalanx, Hallux Valgus Bunion tape job, toe separators help decrease pain, proper shoes: wide, no heels
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8) Sesamoiditis: inflammation to sesamoids tibial and fibula donut pad 9) Morton’s Toe: second toe is longer than the Big Toe, The constant pressure placed on the longer second toe while walking or standing can lead to callus formation under the second metatarsal head proper shoes and toe pads 10) Neuroma: swelling and/or an inflammation of a nerve, usually at the ball-of-the-foot between the 3rd and 4th toes, from tight shoes/ high heels Symptoms of this condition include sharp pain, burning RX: tear drop, pads, and proper shoes 11) Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar Fasciitis often leads to heel pain, heel spurs, and/or arch pain. The excessive stretching of the plantar fascia that leads to the inflammation and discomfort can be caused by the following: PAIN IN THE morning Over-pronation (flat feet) which results in the arch collapsing upon weight bearing – excessive stretching A foot with an unusually high arch A sudden increase in physical activity Excessive weight on the foot, usually attributed to obesity or pregnancy Improperly fitting footwear RX: arch supports, knee straight/bent, towel curl
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INJURIES 101 - INJURIES 101 MODALITIES ice ice bath...

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