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Wrist/ Finger Injuries 1) Sprains and Strains- falling on out stretched arm- wrist f’sho 2) Carpal Tunnel/ Nerve Compression- overuse, tingling pain Rx: ART or surgery 3) Wrist Ganglion cyst: overuse, formation fluid filled cyst on hands Rx: surgery 4) Navicular Fx (scaphoid) falling on an out stretched arm/ direct flow Because there is blood flow, the Fx cuts off the blood and is only received in half of the bone = Avascular Necrosis= death of bone Rx: caste for long time, high level player will get a bone graph surgery 5) Colles Fx: falling on outstretched arm, Fx to distal radius and ulnar styloid process 6) Subungal Hematoma: bruise under nail; scalpel end of finger nail and dig in to relieve pressure, or clean nail, use paper clip and heat it and apply to where there is blood, once blood comes through, compress!! And band aid. 7) Mallet Finger: mech hit with ball: water polo, volley ball; Extensor mech of distal
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Unformatted text preview: phalanx is disrupted = finger tip bent to side, place in sling into extension 8) Game Keeps Thumb: forced ABduction, thumb gets caught” ulnar collateral ligament Rx: tape job for ADduction football: extra support 9) Swan Neck Deformity on PIP joint: Dorsal Hood—Voler Plate Voler plate is bent metacarpal phalange joint 10) Sprain on PIP, MIP, DIP Little sprain- jammed fingers Rx: buddy tape 11) Dislocated Finger: place hands proximal and pull distal part of joint out, and pop back in; muscle may spasm Acute= more severe 12) DeQuervains Disease Astonosing: Dislocated thumb which leads the sheath to become inflamed- place pressure on muscle and use modalities 13) Boutonnière Deformity: rupture of extensor; mid phalanx is torn Ext at MIP, flexion at PIP, ext at DIP...
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