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Sasha Rozenberg 12/6/06 Per. 1 America Moves to the City 1. What new opportunities did the cities create for Americans? There were many new opportunities for the Americans because of the cities. Many new careers were now emerging; there were skyscrapers for work areas, and there were cars everywhere. There were now many industrial jobs on mass transit lines which drew people from farms to work in factory centers. There was electricity, plumbing and telephones which made life in big cites very attractive. There were department stores which lured many people because of the richness and elegance. The city introduced new ways of living. Because there was over population many unemployed and starving lives in slums, while the city still prospered with skyscrapers. 2. What new social problems did urbanization create? How did Americans respond to these problems? Cities were growing enormously. There were criminals everywhere, and sanitary facilities couldn’t keep up with the fast growing population. There was impure water, uncollected garbage unwashed bodies, and animal droppings in the streets. Cities were one large contradiction having very marvelous attributes but on the other hand were very miserable, and the places that were miserable stayed that way and were never taken care of. The slums became much infested and there were rats everywhere. People were starving and unemployed and lived on pennies. People tried to resettle into urban areas alongside people of the same ethnicity or religion. 3. How did the “New Immigration” differ fro, the “Old Immigration”, and how did Americans respond to it? The New immigration still consisted of many new immigrants from Europe. Among them were Italians, Slovaks, Greeks and Poles; many of them worshiped in Orthodox churches or synagogues. The Old immigration there were over millions of migrants stepping onto the soil of America where they came from was the British Isles and western Europe, mainly Germany and Scandinavia. They were usually Protestants and had high literacy rate and were accustomed to a representative government. They mainly took up farming because that was the way of old American life. Immigration life changed drastically. The New immigrants usually came from countries where there was no democracy and where opportunities for advancement were very few. Many of them were illiterate and poor, most of them wanted industrial jobs in very busy cities rather than work out in the farms. They mostly lived in cities like New York and Chicago where other Americans feared they would not and could not assimilate to life in their new land. The response of the American was whether America was a boiling pot of many cultures or a dumping place for other countries to dump out the
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americachp 25 - Sasha Rozenberg 12/6/06 Per. 1 America...

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