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HHFT behind white picket fence - Behind the White Picket...

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Behind the White Picket Fence The 1950’s may have seemed to be sweet, simple and a golden age of Harmony. This appealing picture of the “Happy Days” masked some of the darkest issues of America. More than half a century ago many vast changes took place in the lives of millions of Americans; from technology to medicine. But what Americans did not see coming was a life full of fear from the atomic bomb and civil rights movements that would prevail the many years of segregation. America may have grown economically but the ethics and morals of the people had staggered down to bigotry and intolerance. The 1950’s was an unhappy time of racial issues, gender issues, conformity, and communism which led way to the Cold War and the uprising of conflicts in Vietnam. Nobody denies that the Cold War set a notion of fear across America like wildfire. America’s alliance with the Soviet dictator Stalin came to an end, and America continued to fight the war against communist expansion (Britten 75). After WII the relationship between the USSR and America was strained. American leaders strongly believed that to stay a world power and to “keep national security depended on the security of Europe, Asia, and that American prosperity required global economic reconstruction” (foner 841). In 1952 Americans had now begun to build the H-Bomb; this hydrogen bomb was now capable of obliterating civilization and killing millions of people. Americans hoped that Russia would not be able to build the same weapon, but some how information slipped through cracks; and the fear of a nuclear war fell upon the Americans (Sharma 10). In 1953 Russia had successfully exploded their first H-bomb; in response America sent out planes that could carry nuclear bombs, and launched the Nautilus the first atomic-powered submarine (Lindop 54). America set up a façade that it was preventing communist for freedom and safety when really in fact, America would set off nuclear bombs on Japan with no public warnings, this exposed many people to radiation which caused cancer and birth defects (foner 861). The majority of citizens only saw negative
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outcomes, but for a few like McCarthy this threat played a large advantage off of the people’s fear. There was so much fear that McCarthy made many accusations with out proof and was a bully (foner 863). “McCarthyism” means character assassination, guilt by association and abuse of power in the name of anticommunism (foner 863). McCarthy accused 200 people in the State Department of being secret Communists without any proof; and many American believed him (Laughead). This shows how the fear of the Americans took over their rational thought and went along with anything that they were told just to stay “safe”. Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Lovett stated, “We must realize we are now in a mortal conflict, It is not a cold war; it is a hot war.” Russia was in an arm’s race that was unbeatable, the Soviet army was now not only in a nuclear war with America but also in other communist countries like North
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HHFT behind white picket fence - Behind the White Picket...

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