HHFT Bibliography - . California: Lucent Books, Inc., 1999....

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Bibliography Beyond Books, Apex Learning Inc. . “Voices against Conformity”. From the Depression to the New Millennium Website. February 24, 2006. 27 May 2007. http://www.beyondbooks.com/ush12/6f.asp . Britten, Loretta, ed. The American Dream: The 50’s . Virginia: Time Life Inc., 1998. Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty!: An American History Volume Two Second Edition. New Kallen, Stuart, A. A Cultural History of the United States the 1950’s
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Unformatted text preview: . California: Lucent Books, Inc., 1999. Laughead, George. “WWW-VL: HISTORY: USA: 1950-1959”. 1950’s Website. September 6, 2006. 25 May 2007. http://vlib.iue.it/history/USA/ERAS/20TH/1950s.html . Lindop, Edmund. America In the 1950’s . Connecticut: Twenty-First Century Books, 2002. Sharman, Margaret. Take Ten Years: 1950’s . Illinois: Steck-Vaughn Company, 1993....
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